The New Most Expensive Fox Body Mustang in the World

All alone and fancy free? That ain’t the way you wanna be. Tonight the sky’s the limit? You’ve got some money and you wanna spend it? You’d better bring your wallet then, because if you’re looking for a Fox, then this is the most expensive one around. The most expensive Fox Body Mustang ever sold.

If you’re on here, you probably already know what a Fox Mustang is, but just in case, here’s a primer. The third-gen Mustang was built on Ford’s Fox platform, also used for a host of Ford and Lincoln sedans, coupes, and wagons. Under the Mustang, it was used from 1978 until 1993. The square-body Mustangs. In the last few years they’ve gained serious tractions as a performance platform thanks to light weight, easy power, and decent handling. And because they were cheap. Or at least they used to be.

So what makes this particular Mustang sell for $132,000, making it the priciest Fox ever? Because racecar. No, really. This was a 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra R.

It was the first Cobra R model built. Ford only sold 107 of them. All in red, and all sold only to drivers holding a competition license. Well, that was the plan anyway. The cars used the 235 hp 5.0L V8 from the standard Cobra, but since they were ready-racers they lost the radio, AC, fog lights, sound insulation, all that stuff. Manual steering, crank windows, and cloth LX seats (because they expected the racers to ditch them anyway). It shaved about 450 lbs form the car.

Add in a strut brace, V-braces from the convertible, race ready springs, adjustable Koni dampers, and massive for the time 13-inch vented front rotors. They were ready to go racing, just toss in some safety gear and hit the track.

This was car number 11. It has just 500 miles on the clock. It’s not stock though. It has a new cam and Ford Racing GT40 heads.

The car’s had just two owners, the original Ford dealer and the Classic Mustang store that sold it. It still has plastic on the floor and on the seats. Jeez, Ford, you think for a ready-racer you could have put a nicer steering wheel in? Get ready for more big buck Foxes to start coming out of the woodwork after this big sale.

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