Want to Buy a F-150 Lightning Concept You Can’t Drive? Yeah You Do

If you’re looking to buy a Ford concept pickup, then we have some pretty good news for you. We’re not sure how it came to be for sale, or if you could ever drive it on the road, but here it is. The 2001 Ford Lightning Rod concept car. On Craigslist, of course.

The styling of the Lightning Rod concept truck is, well, a little odd. But it helps if you remember that this was the same era that brought us the PT Cruiser, the Chevrolet HHR, and the retro Ford Thunderbird. Now this pickup makes a little more sense, right?

Looking like some sort of retro early 2000s Explorer turned pickup, this concept was one that never made it to production.

Since it’s a concept, though, it doesn’t have a proper VIN from Ford. So you can’t really drive it on the roads. Though we’re sure some creative types might have a go at it. And it’s not just “The Man” who says you can’t drive this. Sure it doesn’t pass emissions, but things like the seat belts aren’t really, well, real.

The Lightning Rod has popped up for sale a few times over the years, usually at one of the big auctions in Arizona, where it’s for sale now.

Not surprisingly, since you can’t really drive it, the seller says it has low miles. Under 100. Under the hood is a 5.4L V8, with no supercharger to be found here. If you’re looking to buy your own concept car, then there aren’t many opportunities better than this one. Because these cars don’t come up for sale often. Most end up in a museum or as a cube.

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