Watch: Nebraska Cop Runs Into Ice Cold Mustang Situation

State Patrol officers run into some pretty strange stuff in the run of a day. But this one might be the strangest of the week.

This one’s from Sgt. Downing of the Nebraska State Patrol. He’s on duty in Chadron, which is near, well, nothing. Nebraska’s a pretty wide open state.

Anyway, he stops for a vehicle that’s double parked. And it looks to be a classic Mustang. But something isn’t quite right.

The officer’s surprise is obvious before he takes a walk around and realizes that this snow Mustang is no Mustang at all. It’s a reasonably convincing snow sculpture. After all, it could just be a car covered in snow. Complete with what is probably a fake ticket on the…windshield? Snow shield? On the car.

In the depths of late winter, we can all get a little silly. Like Downing says, “some people make snowmen. Not the people in the northwest corner of the panhandle, they make snow cars.”

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