Watch: Vaughn Gittin Jr Drifts a Cloverleaf

We’ve all wished we could drift our favorite clover leaf, right? A perfect symphony of tire smoke and sideways that could never possibly end badly. Ok, fine. It would end extremely badly. For our cars, licenses, and insurance rates.

That’s because we’re not Vaughn Gittin Jr. Unless you are, in which case “hey, cool drift!”

The drift champion took his 900 hp Ford Mustang RTR, the same one he used to drift the Nurburgring, to Lake Worth, TX. Where the local constabulary is apparently kind enough to block what looks to be a fairly major intersection and let Gittin have some fun.

With a bright (though not as bright as the new Grabber Lime) green Mustang, he turns a four leaf clover into to tire-smoking clover. Enjoy the watch.

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