New Mustang Might Not Come Until 2026 or Later: Report

If you’re expecting an all-new Mustang to arrive sometime soon, then you might not want to hold your breath. Automobile is reporting that it could be quite a few years before we see a completely redesigned pony car from Ford.

The S550 Mustang, as the current platform car is known, has been around since 2014. Though it got a styling refresh for the 2018 model year, along with an engine shuffle. According to Automobile’s sources, it won’t be replaced until at least 2026. Maybe even as late as 2029. Which in automotive terms isn’t really planning but more of a hope.

Once it gets a new chassis, expect it to be Ford’s new CD6 platform. That’s the new one that’s under the newly rear-drive 2020 Explorer. It’s also expected to spawn a new Edge. And that volume will help sustain the Mustang once it gets redesigned.

The report says that on that platform the car is likely to grow. Possibly to something more Challenger-sized.

A long lifecycle for a two-door isn’t unheard of. Like the Dodge Challenger, which has been on the same platform for what feels like decades. And the Fox-Mustang remained on that chassis from 1979-1994.

Don’t expect the Mustang to grow too stale, though. It is expected to see some big upgrades around 2022. That includes new sheet metal, likely a new interior, and the anticipated (or dreaded depending on who you ask) addition of a hybrid powertrain.

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