Precious Metal Ford Escort Headed for Auction

This small Ford is a real jewel. And gold, and silver, too. It’s a scale model of a classic Ford Escort that’s worth its weight in, well, you get it.

The 1:25th scale model of a 1970s Escort was crafted by a huge Ford fan. Russel Lord started this car 25 years ago, and has put thousands of hours into building it. Of course, he’s no stranger to the Escort, having built 55 of the full-size version over the years.

A silver body and gold brakes, gold spoiler and other trim are set off by an 18-karat white gold front grille and 72-point diamond headlights. Plus orange sapphires for the indicator lights and rubies for the tails.

“It’s been a hobby that I’ve come back to again and again but three years ago I determined to finish it. I know this car inside out – so there were no plans I just built it from the ground up piece by piece,” said Lord.

The attention to detail is astounding, as were some of the techniques needed to build it. LIke “smashing countless vases” to find the right glass to make the windshield.

The car, with a raw material cost pegged at $100,000, will go for Auction May 2nd with the proceeds going to charity.

His inspiration was the Mk2 Escort rally car driven by Ari Vatanen in the late 1970s.

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