Road & Track Says GT500 Test Sheet Bearing its Name “100 Percent Fabricated”

A test sheet bearing impressive performance numbers for the GT500 that was allegedly filled out for Road & Track recently surfaced on the internet. There’s just one problem: Road & Track hasn’t driven the GT500.

The publication was the first to publish about the fraudulent information, disavowing the worksheet and calling it “100 percent fabricated.”

It’s probably best not to see the numbers at all, lest the real numbers become disappointing in comparison to these fake numbers, but since we’re these deep into the story we feel that not writing the numbers in would be like singing “I know a secret.”

The fake test sheet, then, claimed a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds and a 60-0 distance of just 96 feet. It also claims that the GT500 can hit 1.2 G in the skidpad.

That figure should probably have been your first clue that these numbers are less than legit, if you came upon these numbers before R&T disavowed them, because the McLaren Senna, a mid-engine, ludicrously grippy, million dollar supercar only achieves 1.12 G on the skidpad, according to Car and Driver.

Unfortunately, we likely won’t know the GT500’s true performance figures until later this year, when the car is launched. 

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