Report: Aussies Shouldn’t Expect to Get the GT500

Australian buyers shouldn’t expect to see a GT500 in their nearest dealer anytime soon, Ford Australia spokesperson, Damion Smy told Cars Guide recently.

There are “no plans to bring the Mustang GT500 to Australia as it is strictly left-hand drive only,” Smy told the Aussie publication recently.

That will be a bummer for the nation’s fans of Australian Supercars Championship, which recently added a slightly dopey-looking Mustang to its championship.

That means that Ford’s most powerful Mustang ever won’t be gracing Australia’s shores any time soon. 

With a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 under the hood making more than 700 hp and hitting 60 mph in the three second range, burnout-happy Australians will have nowhere to turn but Chevy, whose Camaro ZL1 will find its way into the nation’s dealerships. 

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