Report: Bronco Pickup will Follow New Bronco SUV

Gladiator, ready? You’d better be, because pretty soon you won’t be the only off-road pickup on the block. A new exclusive report from Automobile says that a Bronco-based pickup is on the way.

That’s right. Automobile cites AutoForecast Solutions and indicating that there is a Bronco truck coming. That work started on it no more than a few months before the Jeep pickup was launched, and that it’s set to start production in July. Of 2024.

That’s right, this one won’t be arriving soon. Though it would fit the vehicle in the life cycle of the new Bronco, which is expected as a 2021 model.

The original 1960s Bronco was available as a pickup version. Though you’re likely more familiar with the full-roof SUV model. Automobile says that the new truck could be a bit more like the Explorer SportTrac, with a bed shorter than that of the Gladiator.

The Bronco itself is expected on the frame of the next-gen Ranger, which it would likely need if Ford wanted to attempt to match the Gladiator’s impressive payload and towing specs. Automobile also has a rendering of the expected new truck.

What is Ford saying? The usual we don’t talk about future product. But hey, at least that isn’t a no.

[source: Automobile]

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