Record Broken: Belgium Earns Biggest Mustang Meeting Record

More than 1,300 European Mustangs congregated at Ford Europe’s Lommel Proving Grounds in Belgium to earn the record for most Mustangs gathered in one place.

Every generation of Mustang was represented at the 3.22 square km (1.2 sq. mile) facility that features 50 miles of test tracks designed to simulate public roads. 

Belgium, Ford points 0ut, is the perfect place to host such a record since few European countries are Mustang-crazy as them. Besides being the home of a spit of tarmac big enough to park 1,300 cars, Belgians buy more Mustangs per head than any other European nation.

Ford of Europe earned the record by beating Ford of Mexico’s previous record. 960 Mustang nuts gathered in Toluca, Mexico in 2017 to set that bar.

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