Thieves Use Classic Mustang As Battering Ram, Grab Three Playstations

We already know that smash and grab robbers probably aren’t the cleverest group of criminals out there, but sometimes they miss on the risk-reward scale worse than others. Like these thieves from Athens, Greece, who maybe didn’t put their skills to use in a very efficient way.

They started with the theft of what looks like a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. A car that reportedly just been restored by the person who actually owned it. Then, instead of selling it to some unscrupulous buyers, they drove the car through the front of an electronics store.

Ok, you’re thinking that maybe they could have stolen plenty of electronics from that store. Right? Well, they got away with a grand total of three Sony Playstations. Worth maybe a grand new.

Yup, smash a car worth somewhere around $70k for $1k in video game consoles. Seems like a great plan. Here’s the video, from a local news station. We’re relying on a Google translate for some of the details, so if you speak Greek, feel free to fill us in with some more info we’re missing.

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