Ford Building Convertible Pickup?

Love your Ford but tired of watching Jeep Gladiator owners have all the open-air trucking fun? Well, Ford might have something in the works to help you out in the topless department.

It’s a new patent that shows a pickup with a hardtop that comes off. In other words, a direct competitor to the Jeep Gladiator, which can ditch its roof and doors to bring you closer to nature. Or the guy rolling coal beside you in traffic. Either way.

The patent filing shows a roof assembly that is self-aligning. So you can install it with just one person, unlike the Jeep’s roof. In the artwork, there’s a sliding rear window as well as a version without, making sure you don’t sacrifice any closed-truck features to go with your newly unlocked topless shenanigans.

Ford has also submitted a handful of patents for a truck with removable doors. Doors that can be removed without tools, which is another thing Jeepers aren’t able to do.

Put the roof and doors together, and look at the distinctly Ranger artwork, and it’s hard not to think that Ford is planning to make something that’s going to be a competitor to the Gladiator. Maybe Ranger-based, but maybe based on the we’re sure it’ll get here someday Bronco.

Ford Authority

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