South Wales Fuzz Trialing Ranger Raptor, Focus ST Wagons For Police Use

Police in the UK are looking at trying out a new pair of fast Fords to meet their pursuit needs. Both the Ranger Raptor and the Focus ST wagon are being trialled, as well as reminding us that we don’t get two of Ford’s coolest models here in the U.S.

The modified Ranger Raptor is being put through its paces by the South Wales Police. This is the first time we’ve seen a Ranger in the Battenburg markings of the UK rozzers, and we have to say that it really takes to the cake.

The 105 mph top speed might not get the attention of crims, but Ford says that the Fox shocks and Baja desert race mode make it more than enough to keep up with the baddies trying to get away across gravel, mud, and sand.

If firing up the Ranger Raptor’s 210 hp diesel isn’t enough, Ford’s trying out the new ST wagon, too.

That one will do 155 mph flat-out, based on the fourth-gen Focus that we don’t get, using that car’s 2.3L turbo-four making 280 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. Of course, if you think you can outrun that one too, the vehicles have been modified by Ford’s Special Vehicle Preparation team, located, in Essex, with full Police livery, blues and twos, and, of course, police radios.

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