Report: Electric Mustang (Coupe) Inevitable

Want an electric Mustang? Good news, it’s probably on the way. Don’t want an electric Mustang? Bad news, it’s probably on the way.

There’s a new Ford Mustang coming for 2021, based on the same platform that underpins the new Explorer crossover, and that one’s expected to become the first Mustang with hybrid power. To go electric it would need a new platform, one Ford happens to already have underneath a Mustang.

Not that Mustang, though, the electric platform is, of course, under the Mach-E which Ford revealed just last month. Mach-E chief engineer Ron Heiser

“This is a new platform, it’s our new EV architecture,” stated Heiser. It’s able to be stretched and shrunk to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, not a surprise for any modern chassis.

Will he confirm an EV Mustang coupe, maybe something like the Lithium concept from SEMA? “I can’t speak to that. But I think if you look out in the future – who knows what timeframe that is – the market is eventually going to roll over to EVs,” he said, which Motoring says means he’s suggesting it’s only a matter of time for a Mustang EV.

The new structure will spawn other EVs too, but they won’t all get Mustang badges.

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