Gallery: Which Mach-E is Your Favorite?

The roads are awash in silver and grey, so one of the great things about electric cars is that it feels like they have more opportunities to try out fun colors. Although Ford seems to agree, offering colors like Rapid Red Metallic and Grabber Blue, they also appear to be catering to the more conservative crowd, with a range of greys that runs from white to slightly whiter and all the way to very dark grey and black.

Which color would you pick, then? Our friends over at ran a poll recently and discovered that 34% of its readership liked Rapid Red Metallic, making it the most popular color in the poll.

Infinite Blue Metallic (read: navy blue) came out in second, though, and was followed closely by Star White Metallic and Carbonized Grey. Grabber Blue, one of the Mach-E’s marquee colors, meanwhile, came fifth in the poll.

Readers also suggested that the most missed color was the Twister Orange you can currently get on the GT500.

So what do you think? Sound off in the comments.

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