Ford UK 3D Prints Locking Nuts Made Out of Your Voice

No, I didn’t start tripping in the middle of that headline, Ford UK wants to 3D print unique lock nuts for your wheels.

The lock nuts work normally, but the way they’re designed is kind of wild. Ford takes a recording of your voice, translates it into a soundwave, winds that sound wave into a circle, and turns it all into a nut and key.

The design requires at least one second of audio, but allows you to have a lock nut that is completely unique to you. Ford suggests a phrase like “I drive a Ford Mustang,” but we “Open sesame” or “Back off my car!” seem like more fun to us.

And as long as you remember your phrase and your voice doesn’t change, you could conceivably record it again if you lose your key. 

And don’t think that thieves can just stick some wax in your wheel nut. The design has unevenly spaced indentations that widen the deeper they go, making wax break.

It doesn’t just have to be sound waves, though. You could also use designs like a Mustang logo or your initials.

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