Ford Bronco to Come with a Ton of Accessories

Ford it feels it missed a trick when it didn’t offer buyers enough accessories on the Ranger. That’s not a mistake it will repeat with the Bronco, according to a report from Automotive News.

The 2021 Bronco and its smaller sibling, the “Baby Bronco” will be furnished with a revamped supplier and distribution network. That will ensure that it can supply buyers with more than 105 warrantied accessories.

“The company is way more engaged than it’s ever been in delivering accessories from the very beginning of launch,” John Crane, chairman of the Ford National Dealer Council told Automotive News. “We know how important it is to sell accessories to people. They spend thousands of dollars on their vehicle. We want to be ready from the get-go.”

That should help Ford compete with Jeep and is a little reminiscent of the tactic that made the Mustang so successful in its early years. Ford feels, though, that it’s a lesson it learned the hard way with the Ranger.

“At launch, we may not have had as many accessories as we would have wanted, but as Ranger has evolved, the accessories have caught up,” Tim Hovik, a member of the Ford council told AN. “We feel like we’ve taken a step forward to modernize our distribution system to give the dealers more options and faster order fills so we’re more efficient with our customers and can deliver a better experience for them.”

By replacing more than half of its accessories distributors, updating a dealer website, and promising faster shipment, Ford feels it will be able to keep up with buyers desires when the Bronco comes out. 

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