Kanye West Reportedly Has a Fleet of Raptors for his 4,500 Acre Ranch

Kanye’s gone West, buying a ranch near Cody, Wyoming. And if you have a ranch, you need pickup trucks. The New York Times reports that Ye bought the best one for traversing the high desert of the area: A fleet of Ford F-150 Raptors.

Areas of Wyoming, especially Jackson Hole, are a haven for the ultra-rich, who buy luxury ranches in the area for the skiing and solitude that only land, lots of land can provide. Many of them stay hidden thanks to that space, but Kanye is said to be doing big things in Cody. Fitting since the state’s signs seem to be welcoming him with the message “Forever West.”

West bought the 4,500-acre Monster Lake Ranch that comes with leases on even more land that’s owned by the state. Big country calls for big trucks, and, according to the report, West bought a fleet of them. A small fleet, at least, according to a salesperson at the local Ford store. Gina Mummery wouldn’t say exactly how many but did say that she sold West between two and six.

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The 450 hp off-road-ready pickup is the ideal choice for getting across those 4,500 acres in as little time as possible, at least while remaining (mostly) on the ground. We’d make a case for installing some sweet dirt jumps at every fenceline, letting you exercise the Raptor instead of getting out and then forgetting to close the gate behind you. There’s a photo of West along with rapper Big Sean standing in front of at least two Raptors on what looks to be the ranch late last year. No word on if all of the trucks have been customized with aftermarket front bumpers like the one in the photo.

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