Watch: That the Pantera Cost Half as Much as a Countach is Bonkers

When it hit the world stage, the De Tomaso Pantera has some problems. But by the ’80s, years of evolutionary improvements meant that the Ford-powered supercar was rock steady and could keep up with a Countach off the line.

Accelerating to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds, it was dead level with the Lamborghini. And yet, the De Tomaso cost half as much.

Unfortunately, that price gap still exists. True, the Countach was prominently featured in some big movies, like Canonball Run, but according to IMCDB, the Countach has been featured in 180 titles, while the Pantera has been featured in a creditable 141.


And yet, De Tomasos regularly sell for less than $100,000, while even late Countaches can easily bring in $200,000.

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