Ford Will Stick With Your Fox-Body, Reprinting Window Stickers for Owners Who Want it All

Disappointed that you don’t have the window sticker for your old Mustang? The very last thing you needed to make it just like it was when it left the factory after countless hours spent restoring it? Well, Ford’s launched a new service that will let you print another one to help make your show car even closer to original. Or just let you laugh at the font that automakers used to use to show fuel economy.

It’s not offered for every Mustang just yet, but owners of Fox-body cars from 1987-1989 can order their stickers from They’ll ask for your VIN and $60, and send you a real-deal Ford window sticker in 4-6 weeks.

If you’re looking for something newer, Ford can do that too, and they’ll print you a new window sticker for any 2007-2019 Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury. This time it’s just $25, and again it’ll take a few weeks to get here.

SVT owners can also order up a new SVT certificate of authenticity for just about any of the SVT models including the Lightning, Contour, and even Raptors up to 2014. The certificate runs $40, but for $20 more you can get it with the now out of print book Powered by SVT, a volume that celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Special Vehicle Team.

While the window sticker is currently only offered to a small selection of Fox-body years, if it’s popular then we’d expect Ford to expand the offering to more years. And maybe even more cars.

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