Watch This Stock-Block F-150 Run 8’s

Drag racing still counts as social distancing, right? Ok, probably not, but take a look at this F-150 that should be able to outrun just about everything short of the spread of this virus. It’s said to be the first aluminum F-150 with a 10-speed to break into the 8s and the quickest 2011 and up F-150 of them all. Still running a stock engine. Sort of.

Stock here is a little bit misleading. Owner Bryan Luna told The Drive that he bought it since it was mostly a Mustang GT driveline, though of course with a lot more bodywork. It’s a stock block, but the list of power adders and new kit is extensive.

The Mustang tuner and exhaust builder started with a 5.0L, 10-speed F-150 and started adding parts. Twin-turbos, custom headers, side pipes, a new fuel system with bigger injectors for E85, and more.

Luna says that on aa stock 5.0L Coyote block, the truck makes 1,100 hp at the crank. Watching it run the quarter, we believe it. This stock-looking F-150 just disappears off the line with incredible speed and zero drama. A boost controller helps keep it street-friendly, and it should still be able to tow.

The final result, for now, is an 8.951 at 154.53 mph, but Luna says he’s not done. Plans for the truck include an upgraded interior and possibly a stouter engine to really push the limits.

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