NHTSA VIN Document Confirms Mach 1 Coupe for 2021

Government documents have revealed that Ford will introduce a “Mach 1 Coupe” trim level for the Mustang in 2021.

Although the document doesn’t spell out what the trim package will feature, industry rumors suggest that it will involve modest performance improvements like the Bullitt.

Thanks to a tuned ECU, larger throttle bodies, and the manifold from a GT350, the Bullitt made around 20 horsepower more than the 460 hp Mustang GT. Since the Mach 1 name has long been associated with performance, though, we could see this new model nudging closer to 500 hp. 

Performance Pack 2 is also rumoured to be a standard option fitted to the Mach 1 and a six-speed manual is supposed to be the only transmission option available.

Previous generations of the Mach 1 have included a black shaker hood (or at least a hood stripe) and a black spoiler at the rear. They’ve often also included decals with the name Mach 1 printed on them and we’d expect to see at least the visual modifications in the last sentence (and we’d hope for the visual modifications from this sentence).

The Mach 1 will go on sale as a model year 2021 vehicle.

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