Watch: A 73 Mach 1 Get Pulled Out of an Oregon River

This is kind of the opposite of a barn find. A group of divers out near Portland have been pulling cars out of rivers to try and keep them from dumping all of their oil and gas into the water and rusting away. Their latest find is a Mach 1.

The car was apparently dumped 40 years ago. According to the show’s host, he got a tip to look in this river from a getaway driver who dumped vehicles into the river back in the day. And while we definitely don’t approve of such activities, there is something giddily naughty about it all.

Don’t expect a rebuild video of this car, though. Once pulled out of the river, the Mustang looks kind of like if Matisse had designed the Mustang. 

Still, there’s something oddly soothing about watching people find a problem, find a solution that requires enormous effort, and succeed all without you having to ever get into the cold, cold water.

We’re sad to see a Mustang in such bad shape, but happy to see the river being cleaned up.

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