The Mustang is Officially the World’s Best-Selling Sports Car

In 2015, Ford started selling the sixth-generation Mustang around the world. In that time, no other car has managed to earn the annual global best-selling sports coupe title.

In 2019 alone, Ford sold 102,090 Mustangs around the world, making it the world’s best-selling sports car and the best-selling sports coupe for the fifth year running.

Since 2015, Ford has sold a total of 633,000 Mustangs in 146 countries around the world.

“We’re proud of our growing Mustang stable and performance variants,” said Jim Farley, chief operating officer, Ford Motor Company. “From Sweden to Shanghai, more and more driving enthusiast are enjoying the feeling of freedom and the American open road in these new Mustangs. We are honoured to serve our owners, enthusiasts and fans for 56 years and counting.”

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