Ken Block Unveils His Next Dream Car: the Hoonifox

There are few people with as many recognizable custom Fords these days as Ken Block. The rally-driver/gymkhana popularizer has run through Ford’s back catalog making Ford’s creations insane. His latest project involves a Fox Body Mustang.

The Hoonifox, so far still in concept phase, is Block’s next dream car and he wants to take it to Miami for another (Miami-Vice-inspired) gymkhana video. But that may take a minute.

The car itself was designed with the help of Ash Thorp. Even If the name isn’t familiar, his body of work may be, because he designed the Batmobile for the upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson.

He also helped design the Ford Escort RS Cossie V2, which you might be familiar with from other Ken Block projects. So even though this is a concept car, there’s every hope of it coming out looking like this. 

That he designed the Cossie, and that Ken Block used to be a rally driver, may help you parse some of the design cues on the Hoonifox. With box wheel flares inspired by Group B rallying, side exhausts, and AWD, this is an ‘80s dream.

It’s not all WRC, though. The rear spoiler was inspired by the Fox Body that competed in DTM and that big hood scoop is all muscle. 

The engine that might go into this hasn’t been decided yet, according to Block. Possible candidates include an eco-boost V6, like the Hoonitruck’s 914 hp version; an N/A Roush Yates-built V8, like on the Hoonicorn; or maybe even an electric powertrain borrowed from the Mach-E—though we’d much rather see the Cobra Jet’s electric powertrain go under this.

No firm plans on when the car will be built, but Block says he absolutely intends on building it. Presumably some big cheques will have to be written and some big changes will have to transpire in the wider world, but at least we have something to look forward to now.

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