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food for thought

today i transplanted a mach MP3 stereo than i think came out of an 02 stang it takes alot of patients and a little work but it sounds awsome i have a 97 V6 and i wanted a stereo that could play MP3's but thought the normal sized stereo with the extra hole at the bottom looked kinda out dated so i decided to try it the dash piece that has the center vents in it has to be used because of the larger size stereo the only mod to the car itself you have to do is removing two plastic tabs that the original benzel i beleave is what they call it where the two screws go under the original stereo mine were allready cracked so no big deal to me i got the stereo and benzel from a junk yard for about 50$ i had to remove it myself so i took the factory plug from the wireing harness because i didnt want to cut my factory harness and i used an aftermarket stereo wireing harness to hook the 02 plug to my existing harness pluged it in and put the 02 dash peice on and it looks like it is factory but sounds twice as good I will be more than happy to go into more detail on the swap if anyone is interested just let me know
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