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Just installed Pro 5.0 and FRPP Stingers on 2005 Mustang GT

I finally am on vacation and had some time to bolt on my goodies that have been sitting in the garage for some time. The Pro-5.0 shifter was a pain in the but ( the hex nuts took forever to tighten). The shifter is great though. It doesnt feels as good as my Pro 5.0 did in my 94 but it is still a really great shifter. While under the car I really did get a good look at the exhaust and stock it is a pretty decent looking system. Which brings me to my next mod I installed. FRPP Stingers. They went on pretty quick.(I need to line up the passenger side in the middle more). The sound is better than what I thought it would be. Its not too loud and the drone I hear people say it has wasnt too noticable to me. The tips look incredible. After this I drove around for about 2 hours ( Gas prices suck) and took the car through a tunnel and man that thing sounded sweet in that tunnel. Stlwagon you always say that you like the Stingers and man you are right. They are really deep and have a nice constant rumble. I almost bought the GTA's and man am I glad I didnt. Thanks to all as I chose all of my mods from reading these forums and hearing what everyone has to say about different parts.

2005 Ford Mustang GT Torch Red Manual
Saleen Super Shaker 3.4 pulley/Brenspeed Tune
Kooks Longtubes Catted H/FRPP Stingers
Full BMR And Steeda Suspension
FRPP Throttlebody
Dynotech Driveshaft
SOLD!! I have no Mustang at this time!
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