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Having some problems with my Mustang GT

Here are some problems I am having in my Mustang

1) The interior Light is always on. For the last couple of days I am facing this problem. The Interior Light is not switching off no matter what i do.

2) Getting "clunk" noises when shifting from P-R-N-D. They are around for sometime..

3) Noises in slow speed maneuvers. I am getting noises in slow speed turning, seems no be coming from Brakes or Suspensions. Had taken twice to the Dealer for this. They did a test drive, kept the car for 2 days, They said that they have lubricated and reffited the suspensions, and also the brakes.. It was Ok but just for few days.. Now they are back..

4) Brake Vibrations at High speed Braking
( 100 mph Plus ).. Told the Dealer about it. They grinded the Discs.. but the problem is not gone..

Any Advices..?

Black GT Conv. with Silver Stripes / Crimson Red Leather Interior
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