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guys, i HAD this problem...i was stuck in a parking lot and had to get it problem was the tumblers in the actual ignition assembly weren't moving...mine ,apparently, was the last order to fix it i had to drill out the ignition (yup with a 18v dewalt hammer drill) the reason for the drilling was becausein order to pull out the ign. assembly. u need to insert the key, and mine wouldn't go in quite all the way! there is a lil ball on a spring type thing that releases the i had to drill out all the way to the back off the assembly to reach the ball so it would pop out of place...thus releasing the ignition assembly. if your key will actuall go in the ignition and turn it is quite easy to replace this... make a long story short....REPLACE IT NOW BEFORE YOU GET THE SAME TROUBLES I HAD TO GO THROUGH....did i mention i used up the entire charge on one of the 18v batteries? to anyone that uses one they know thats alot of effort and time. it took like approx. 45 min. of costant drilling to get it out.... trust me fix it now..or YOU WILL regret it.....but anyway...thats just my 2 cents good luck fellas...hope i was of some assistance

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