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GT500 all the way! The GT500 is a great machine!

Pros: 440 or so rwhp, 420 or so rwtq, Great looks, Prestige, 5.4L Supercharged V8, Love the supercharger sound, easily upgradable (can add 100rwhp with a $1000 budget easily), posts some impressive times at stock.

Cons: Its heavy, nearly two tons (coupe) or is over two tons (convertible), Muscle car handling(due to 57/43 f/r weight ratio, and heavy). Interior looks too similar to the GT interior. If you don't like supercharger whine, you won't like this car.

Conclusion: If you can get over that it is still a muscle car, and does not have the best of handling, you will love this car!

"There is no replacement, for cubic displacement"

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