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Originally Posted by txbasshound View Post
01 GT 5 speed. My son and I replaced the clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bearing. After all that, the clutch seems to work fine but get chatter when the clutch is released. Just a LITTLE pressure on the clutch petal makes the chatter go away so I got under the car and found the arm for the throw out bearing is loose and moves around, I think, more than it should. When I put a little pressure on the arm with the motor running the noise and vibration stop. Not sure whats going on with that. If anybody has any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate the help. Do you have to drop the tranny again to change the throw out bearing arm?

The "arm for the throw out bearing" I assume you mean the clutch fork? If so, sounds like it is not seated properly on the pivot ball inside the bell housing. If seated properly, it should not move at all. The cable coming from your clutch pedal, goes down to the clutch fork and pulls on it when you step on the clutch pedal. The cable pulls the end of the fork towards the motor, which in turn, pulls the throw out bearing into the fingers of the pressure plate, which releases the disc and allows you to shift. The other end of the fork is attached to the pivot ball on the upper passenger side of the bell housing. It sorta clips onto the pivot ball. If the clip is broken or the pivot ball is cracked, it will allow the fork to move around you, which is not good.
Unlike toolband suggested, DO NOT CONTINUE to just drive it. If it lets go on you, you'll be stuck on the side of the road wherever it happens and the potential for major damage is ten-fold. It's alot easier and cheaper to replace/repair clutch fork or pivot ball then it is to replace a clutch kit and or flywheel. If it lets go, the aluminum bell housing is not going to contain it which means you run the risk of the bell housing cracking and pieces of the broken clutch/flywheel coming up thru the floorboard.

I would start by removing the transmission and inspecting the clutch fork and pivot ball. If you don't have one yet, I'd highly recommend getting a Chilton's or Haynes manual at your local auto parts store. It'll help you a great deal in removing the tranny and inspecting the clutch linkage.

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