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i did get bosch. only one though...

Here's what originally happened:

1st) of all im an idiot to ever trust O'riely's. I bought some AC Delco plugs there and was going to simply replace my plugs, no biggie. I noticed when they gave me them, the threads was abit longer then the original, just abit.. I said to them these are different, they said no, look what my computer sais, i replied ok...

2) I Replace my plugs with these ones. start my car, to find it sounding like it's missing. It was actually fine before i changed them. Then I realized these plugs have to be wrong. I called my dad he said, yes the threads have to be the exact same length, so im pissed off, go back to o-riely's and ***** them out for giving me wrong plugs, they replace them for free. I Put the new ones in, praying it all runs just fine. IT DOES NOT. runs the exact same...

3) I check the gap on the plugs, the wires three times to see if i somehow hooked them in wrong, and about 99% sure i have compression... So im worried now... i call 2 different parts store, they both thought it would be my oxygen sensor, an also my check engine light is on, another good indication. So i run and pick up one o2 sensor... Can i just simply try the new one in each different sensor until i find it running smooth again? Right now im on abit of a tight budget, i can't really afford to 150$ more or sensors, I mean surely this would work right??? 1 Bosch, 3 stock?
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