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Originally posted by dg_mason
Now I'm really confused:

I brought my friend over last night who knows alot about cars, and builds them all the time... 1st) thing, he looked at my plugs and said the new AC's i bought should actually work, true the thread was abit longer, but that was the only difference, he seemed to think it shouldn;t matter.

How could my car be messing up?!!? All I did was change my plugs...
I'm totaly clueless now, he didn't seem to think it would be the O2 sensor, but he wasn't for sure what would be wrong either... I'm pretty sure there is a problem with number 6. When we took the plug out of this distributer on all other cylinders, it bogged down like it sould, but NOT number 6... Im worried now... This does not make sense, i dont think i've ever been so frustrated with my car... I will probably end up taking it to the dealership, but man it pisses me off when i can;t actually do something myself like this, that should be fairyl easy...

Also Im pretty sure the plugs are right, the second time we got actually did get autolites, because it was the exact same as original... THanks for any help given, appreciate it...
I wonder if the 3rd coil pack is going bad..... You need to determine if you are actually getting a spark on number 6. If you are not getting a spark on number 6, then you have a bad spark plug cable, or bad spark plug or the coil pack is not responding. You descriptions clearly elimintates the O2 sensors, they are not the issue.

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