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I guess I have some sort of freak car. The ALDL is OBDII style and is where you described. The car talks to three different OBDII scanners (2 Accton, one Harbor Freight) and the scanners are all able to view and clear codes. There does not seem to be an EEC-IV connector anywhere under the hood that I can find.

I had a 1995 Explorer (4.0 pushrod) that had an OBDII connector but it would not talk to any OBDII scanners. There was an EEC-IV connector underhood. I had to take it to the dealer to get any codes read.

Since the car appears to bone OBDII as far as code scanners are concerned, tuning would appear to be an option but I don't want to drop almost $400 just to have the tuner give me the finger and turn my PCM into a doorstop.
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