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Originally Posted by ITLRUN View Post
The reason for 96-up OBDII, is because that's when they started with OBDII. Pre 96 vehicles, are all OBDI. With OBDII cars, the ALDL connector is under the dash just to the right side of the steering column. You should find the connector, if someone put an OBDII system in the car if you reach up near the top of the console, just to the left side of the console on the back side. But I have never seen, an OBDII 1995 vehicle and I've been tuning with SCT Software for years now, Mike. SCT Tuner.
That must be because you never tuned a pre-96 V6.

V6's started OBD2 in 1994-two years before they were mandated. A 96+ tuner will be fine because the parameters are the same.....

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