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okay well. i have a convertible so my trunk space is really limited. i had a custom box biult for me by a guy off craigslist for 50 dollars. that included materials because i got really lucky. its 3/4 mdf with all silicone sealing.

now. this will give you extreme knock like me. but i built them around my subs. with this box with a regular sized trunk like you. youd have extreme bass like me (depending on manufact specs) and still have half your trunk left. but then again my amp is also extremely good.

YouTube - feti slappp 2

i dont play around with my music.....

this is a 91 convertible. you see how tiny the trunk is. you can have the same amount of bass. listen to around 55 seconds when the trunk is fully closed you can tell a big difference. of course they are up firing so if you plan on have a bunch of loose **** in your trunk prolly not a good idea.

half the deal with car audio is what kind of sound YOU want. i love being able to have real loud bass that will give you a back massage and also have a good recovery rate for breakdowns and transitions and go into a totally different bassline you know. you will never hear me listen to rock music really so im not lookin nessicarially for that type of sound. its all preference. let me know what type of music your in to and i can give u more from there as far as a custom box goes. cuz thats what you want to do most definately.

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