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Awesome. Thanks for the replies. Wicked C.A.S.*::*Magic Boxes*::*Ford seems to have exactly what I need but yeah that shipping is sky high! Well if that's what it takes then that's what it takes. As for the type of sound I've had it all. I can appreciate deep bass with a lot of degradation in sound to a degree because I used to mess with spl competitions when I was younger but now all I really need is a tighter sound with an excellent range. Sealed enclosures around 1.0 to 1.5 cu ft should give me that when I power it right. As for music it's a lot of heavier rock and drum & bass.

I already have the subs and amp to be reused which are dual alpine 12" type R's on a Single 1000 watt rms v-power alpine monoblock running 2 ohms. Should be plenty of punch. I'm either going to just order these pieces from Wicked CAS or possibly get some good pics and work up my own CAD specs and have them manufactured here depnding on what's cheaper in the end. I have a buddy with a body shop that can vacuform a piece if I need it. I could have him do that then just layer it up with fiberglass and carpet it so I don't have to sand till my hands fall off.

Thanks a lot guys. Kick ass repsonses

As for a deck that's the one thing I'm not reusing at all. It was a single din pioneer 4600 and I really don't want to use a single din in this car. Besides, it would skip on an mp3 disk when the weather got cold ha! So I'm going to order ...

Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD DVD receiver at


Alpine iVA-W203 DVD receiver at

but very likely the pioneer for the better EQ. As things progress here I may take some pics or video and post them up if it turns out as nice as I hope it will be.
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