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Originally Posted by dtuna42 View Post
I don't think you said what tires you have - softer tires don;t always make a high pitched chir sound; and are you dropped to the ground? if you're really lowered by springs alone that could alter the traction characteristics; and is it shifting hard and fast but you are just literally not hearing the "chirp" sound? or is it actually shifting slowly? If it does not shift quickly enough, or you're not getting really good torque converter lockup, you still may need a better tune. Everybody talks highly of Tillman tunes, and I can vouch for Evolution Performance tunes, so maybe you should try one of them if there is no other answer
i have the stock perreli's. i hear that may be the issue, tho i don't know why sometimes i'd hear the chirp n others i wouldn't.

it's shiftin fast n hard, pullin like a freight train and literally not hearing the chirp sound. i'm not lowered either. i went w/ bama cuz i also heard good things about him, especially his experience w/ auto's. i dunno if it's my tune at this point or not, but either way ppl that have the canned tune and bama tunes say their tires chirp healthily 1-2 and 2-3...

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