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Originally Posted by aiminglow View Post
seems like im gettin a mixed bag here lol. got on it gettin onto the highway, burned the tires goin into 1st, healthy chirp into 2nd. then on another road absolutely nothin lol

Sorry if I sound condescending, I really am not doubting you...But, you do realize that there are many other conditions/reasons that could give you the problem that you are having, right?

For example, I can burn the tires right off the rims on a couple roads I know of, but there are many other roads that won't even give me a chirp(unless I really really try) know what I mean.

Heat soak, tire pressure, speed, driving, weather, time of day, etc etc.

I'm just saying that I could have the same exact, 'burnout' problems as you are, and I'm bone stock(with a 5spd). Imo, maybe the problem is in the tune, but it could very well be with something else or a combination of problems

Hope everything works out for you
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