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Originally Posted by garity92 View Post
Okay, well now im getting a little confused about tillmans, brenspeed, or bama tunes... How is that different than the SCT x cal 3? And are you saying that the SCT x Cal 3 isnt worth it? Somebody point me in the right direction please.. haha
The SCT X3 ( very good ) is the handheld tuner and Tillmans, Brenspeed, or Bama Chips are the tuners and you get the 3 tunes as a package deal with the handheld tuner for $378.00 ( from Brenspeed ) might be a little more from Tillmans or Bama chips, sorry about the confusion, Now you can get a SCT X3 from American Muscle but the tunes arent as good and the tuners would give you for the same money.

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