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Originally Posted by jsusisaliv View Post
To give you an idea how bad this thing is off the line look at my 60 ft times then look at my MPH. HUGE difference. If I could get my 60 ft times where they should be I think it could be easily in the 6's in the 1/8 mile or should be. I almost hit 102 MPH rolling out of first and spinning like a mad manj!
101.78 = 6.68 1/8 mile & 8.21 1/4 mile

That car has a lot potential

Originally Posted by jsusisaliv View Post
Well not really for two reasons.
First I don't want to buy another set of rims LOL.
Second I have been told that the M/T ET streets are so close to slicks that its hard to tell the difference. I heard that they are like about 95% efficient as a true slick but notice I said HEARD this.

The ET drag radial is close to a slick but not so much with the ET street.....

Throw a set of slicks on it you will see the difference......
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