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Originally Posted by jsusisaliv View Post
Sorry just went through the slips and my best 60 ft was a 1.85. Not sure where I got 1.50? Here is another run I did and I did a dry hop and you can see it was not much of a hop lol. It just spins. You notice that there is a bad short shift from 2nd to third because it was spinning so bad I hit red-line and shifted then of course BOG BOG.

YouTube - Mustang drag #2
Yeah bro no worries I could tell by that vid there was NO Way that was a 1.5 launch! With the power you have there isn't any reason why you shouldn't be hiting that #! What you need to do is look for a spare set of rims cheap, something like 87-89 Turbine GT (the 10 holes are WAY Heavy) and throw some slicks on them for the track.
All kidding aside I'd love to drive it for a pass with some 26 inch slicks.. I'll speed shift 2nd and 3rd, you'll hear and see the car jolt as I'm slamming gears, haha!!
p.s. on the new Vid you should have just lined right up to the bulbs after you did that rolling burnout, backing up and dry hopping is taking all the heat away from the contact patch! I always like to lineup quickly after the linelock burnout!

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