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2010 V6 Pony

I have a Shaker 500 in my car - and it totally and I mean totally sux for sound quality. I stuck in a set of MTX Sledgehammer 10" subs in the trunk - fits nicely up in the back against the seat, and placed my MTX 4004 and MTX 4002 amps on the back seats themselves as well as the Power Distribution and Caps. I replaced the rear deck speakers with Alpine 5x7's - awesome upgrade btw, and put alpine 5x7's in the doors. Type S speakers...

The two subwoofers in the doors are coming out during her winter nap in the garage and replacing them with some sort of dual voice coil 8" woofers. These will be amped themselves by a Kenwood 600 watt 2 channel amp. The Alpine Type S 5x7's in the doors do not seem to be powerful enough since I popped a tweeter, but they are amped off the MTX 4004 - on minimum front gain. Maybe the Crossover Frequency was set too high - when I get to it over the winter I'll take a peak at the speaker specs in the book at what the freq is set at...

As for the head unit, this is my big p!ssoff, teh Shaker 500 with Sync, totally blows goats. It is VERY bad, I believe I'm going to end up with a Pioneer AVC unit since it retains SYNC capabilities - only one on the market... - But the problem is no head unit kit exists. Talk about a massive p!ssoff. The 2010 is a new beast yes, but come on guys its a piece of plastic, metraonline - bestkits, scosche - not a single kit available for this car... Such a popular car too... I want to put in a double din unit touchscreen.

Also for sh!ts n giggles - 2 days after I bought the 2010 Mustang with Shaker 500 I threw out all the stock speakers... LOL - they chewed bigtime. I reran Monster Wire all throughout the car for every single speaker interconnection. I didn't trust the ford wiring schema, since it seems to be way too overcomplicated for no good reason...

If someone finds a headunit install kit for the 2010 please let us all know....

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