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Originally Posted by need4spd90 View Post
lakewood is old school..they work for soem guys,but i'd rather have the full adjustability of Strange 10 ways or the QA-1 adjustables..and lakewoods cost like $10 less each than strange 10 ways do..worth the extra couple $$ to have full adjustments on your suspension..every car,driver and track is different..

i do agree with using the stock V8 springs out back,unless you go with coilovers..and get rid of those factory control arms and their soft rubber bushings(that are 20 years old and probably shot anyway)..adjustable uppers so you can set your pinion angle,and i prefer weight jacker LCA's so you can adjust the ride height with the simple turn of a bolt..coilovers are also fully adjustable when it comes to ride height

adjusting the ride height helps get your Instant Center position where it needs to be
haha I guess I'm showing my age with the Old School suggestion, Lakewoods were lots cheaper than fully adjustables but that was many moons ago!! Maybe I should just stay in the Modular section!

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