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Originally Posted by rjporchia View Post
Ha Ha. This is a good point. But the GT-500 and the GT are both V8's. I am by no means knocking the V6's, a lot of my friends have them. I think the biggest area of concern as far as the V6 vs GT debate is the rumble of the engine. This is something that you just can't duplicate... I just love sports cars. V6's and V8's. Won't ever buy a V6 though...
l agree about the V8 sound there's nothing like it. l guess l'm old school, you think muscle car you defiantly think V8. l tried to talk my Son into getting a V6 for the cheaper insurance and cheaper sticker price better mpg but he wouldn't have it he was buying a V8. He also agrees there's nothing like the sound of a V8. That said l still think ALL Mustangs are cool!
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