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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Seen a lot of ranting on a lot of sites lately! Cabin fever or is it the new moon coming up on Sunday for the reason? I've seen what them "poor" little six banger can do on the strip and they can hand a lot of the big boys their butt in a bucket.
yes i find it funny when people bust on sixes when its the best that most ricers can put out. a six is a six and 306hp is 306hp, idk about you but i wish my sixer got 30mpg and had 306 hp. def a great value and sure to be more than a blast to drive. not to mention nxt years six gets dual pipes, should help the sound. v6ers have more of a purrr while v8s have more of a roar....i personally enjoy both very much. ya the v8 will always be faster but considering that put a 2011v6 vrs a 2009 v8 and the 11' will probably win, im not seeing much of an issue, and if someone bashes you as quoted above take em to the track and see what happens when theyre blown outof the water

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