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I almost bought a V6 Mustang (05+) but got turned off because of a few difference. As many of you well know a V6 doesn't sound like a V8 and although that is apples and oranges, it's a biggie for me. That aside let's talk about the main reasons I got a GT: GTs come with the 8.8, drive shaft rated for 150+, dual exhaust,bigger brakes... well, you get the idea. Exhaust is a pretty low cost difference but the issue with the drive shaft on the V6s and top end finished it off for me. By the time I got done straightening that issue out I figured I could have put that money towards the V8.

Now, the 11's? Looks like that's not going to be a problem however, I don't know what rear ends they will have...looks like the V6 AND V8 for 2011 will share the same rear end and both will have dual exhaust. (If anyone knows for sure about the rears please share)
I have to admit, the new 3.7 is a real high winding gem and it will be interesting to see how it responds to mods and FI.

Bottom line? Not a big fan of the <2011 V6 Mustangs but the 2011? It actually has a chance at making it onto my purchase list.

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