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Originally Posted by 05horse View Post
ford said it their self, right now, v6 is holding better value than GT

what bout those guys buy the shelby GT for 9K more, for 20 HP and a few badges lol
That'll turn around in the long run. It's Shelby parts. Unlike the GT500 which is a pretty big waste of money. Has Shelby's name but no Shelby parts. soon as 2010 GT500 hit the lot, the previous went down considerably.

GT Shelby still there. Shelby parts

As for the v6, probably still get ragged a bit, but anyone doing the ragging better be able to handle seeing you pull on them in a drag and you wave good bye.

I didn't like it but I've always wanted a v8, and the sound. Kind of why the 2010 was fine for me. Sure the speed is great but as long as I have a v8 under the hood, I never head to work w/o a smile.
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