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Any Suggestions? Helping Automakers with Factory Paint Issues

Originally Posted by JConium View Post
I have a 2008 california special convertible. Sorry to say but ford suck supremely on the paint job. Almost like I got a very thin black paint job. Love my car and it needs a paint job. Need a ball park figure for a good paint job and clear coat. Out of ontario canada. please advice and thanks Love the mustang form
The auto industry uses our technology for paint durability measurements (film thickness).

We have issued two press releases and have contacted Ford Senior Management on the
impact of outsourcing paint applications process and quality control to the Paint Suppliers.

Press Release 1
New Books Reveal Vehicle Paint Quality Flaws Associated with Outsourcing

Press Release 2
Billions Discovered for Recovery by Automakers

Two books have been released:
Basic Guide - For the Consumer
Technical Guide - For The Automaker and Auto Dealer

Why your Car Payments
are lasting longer than your

Research data on the Mustang in certain years from the factory shows they were
released to the automaker, auto dealer and consumer below Ford's paint thickness

Low film thickness results in paint peeling, stone chipping and body rusting.

Paint applied too thick will crack.

The majority of Mustangs in certain years were released below the required thickness specification.

We are advocating a "Truth in Finish Disclosure" to protect automakers, auto dealers and consumers.

You may want to advise your auto dealer on the book and do a search inside the book for additional information.
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