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American Iron/CMC NASA SoCal Region, 2010, ROUND 2 California Speedway

American Iron/CMC NASA SoCal Region, 2010, ROUND 2 California Speedway-american-iron-series-logo.jpg

NASA SoCal Region, 2010 Season, ROUND 2
California Speedway

Weekend Racing Recap
13/14 March 2010

30 March 2010

The California AI and CMC racers bring their Ponycars to the high banks of California Speedway, kicking off Round 1 of the SoCal AI/AIX/CMC/CMC2 2010 season!

SoCalís 2010 CMC/AI season got off to a rapid start on March 13, with a very cool and windy morning at California Speedway in Fontana. The racers showed their true colors as everyone, from fellow racers to the owner of NASA SoCal, pitched in to help out Team Lifeís Good racing after much of their gear was stolen from their truck at their hotel Thursday night!

Additionally, AI/AIX racers welcomed Elliott Fisher to the warm, sunny, Southern California weather. Fisher, normally in the Ohio area, made the long trek to Cal Speedway to show what his capabilities are on the West Coast.

American Iron/CMC NASA SoCal Region, 2010, ROUND 2 California Speedway-01.jpg
Elliott Fisherís AIX Mustang. Image by Caitlin Steel.

SATURDAY QUALIFYING ñ With 37 cars on the track, Lifeís Goodís Dave Brown (looking a bit like a yard sale in all that mismatched gear!) set a CMC2 record qualifying lap of 1:54:394 with Steel hot on his heals just 4/10ths behind. Tisinger took pole for CMC running at 2:01:093 and Wheeler qualified first for AI getting in a 1:50:899, with Murray running AIX right behind at 1:51:435.

American Iron/CMC NASA SoCal Region, 2010, ROUND 2 California Speedway-02.jpg
The Klamecki Brotherís #7 (CMC2), and Ross Murrayís #74 (AI) cars. Image by Caitlin Steel.

SATURDAY RACE #1 ñ With dark clouds overhead the racers got off to a clean 1:55PM flying start. The AIX/AI cars had plenty of traffic to contend with starting out in front with the GT, SU, ST cars and Brown lead the CMC2/CMC/FFR start on the third flag. Norrisís AI car broke late in the AI battle, putting him off track. Brown and Steel were having a good fight when at about 9 minutes in Brown locked up going into 3, spun and had to wait out on the side for traffic to clear giving Steel a good lead. Fischer won AIX in his #12 Mustang, followed by Murray and the AI winner was Wheeler. Steel won CMC2, making it four wins in a row already this season, followed by Brown and Rookie R. Klamecki on podium 2 out of 2 race weekends! Tisinger took first in CMC, making for 12 wins in a row ñ obviously a racer to contend with this season! Everyone techíd out just fine and went back to the paddocks excited to get on to Sunday!

American Iron/CMC NASA SoCal Region, 2010, ROUND 2 California Speedway-03.jpg
With a snowy backdrop, Derek Tisingerís #57 CMC Camaro comes to impound. Image by Caitlin Steel.

Note: it was good to see Karl Chicca back driving his CMC2 car, even if it was in the PTB class.

Sunday dawned with beautiful clear skies, but a ripping chill wind that lent some headwind on the front straight. The racers all remembered to set their clocks forward and everyone got out for the warm-up session. Unfortunately for team Lifeís Good Racing, the prior days fuel starvation damaged the engine and they quit early, put the 33 car on their trailer and headed home.

SUNDAY INVERTED QUALIFYING RACE ñ AI and AIX ran qualifying with the GT, SU and ST cars and Fisher lead the group to take pole, running a 1:51:000. He was followed by Murray and Wheeler got pole for AI. The CMC groups ran a inverted qualifying race mixed with their regular FFR mates and Steel took the win, set a race lap record and pole position, followed by Simpson and then R. Klemeki. Tsinger took a first for CMC.

American Iron/CMC NASA SoCal Region, 2010, ROUND 2 California Speedway-04.jpg
Nick Steelís #45 rolls into impound. Image by Caitlin Steel.

SUNDAY RACE ñ By race time the winds had died and Southern Cal was showing off its fantastic racing weather. The racers got off to a nice clean flying start and the entire field enjoyed 35 minutes of fast paced fun. AIX was lead by Fisher, followed by Murray and the AI win went to Wheeler! CMC2 was won by Steel, R. Klemecki took a second and third went to Simpson. CMC was once again won by Tsinger. From the stands, it looked like good clean fun and was certainly a fast paced battle with lots of traffic challenges from the various race groups.

American Iron/CMC NASA SoCal Region, 2010, ROUND 2 California Speedway-05.jpg
The Klamecki Brotherís Mustang on the scales. Image by Caitlin Steel.

CONCLUSION - Many thanks to all the drivers, crews, and officials for helping out a team in need when the chips were down. We look forward to seeing Team Lifeís Good Racing back in action soon!

The next event is 24/25 April 2010 at Thunderhill in beautiful Redding, CA. Come out and watch the American Iron and Camaro Mustang Challenge V8 racers battle it out on a very demanding track!

Written by Caitlin Steel
Images by Caitlin Steel
Assembled by Adam Ginsberg

Writeup in PDF format.

-Peder Beckman-
Technical Director
American Iron West

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